Our Story

Hi, We're Dosi!

We believe that creating should be an amazing experience from beginning to end. 

We reimagined crafting and turned it into an elevated experience with premium materials, beautiful designs, and easy-to-follow video instructions for beginners and experienced DIY-ers. Our kits are designed with the busy person in mind; they are convenient, thoughtfully designed, and can be done at your own pace.

No frustrating instructions. No time, money, and energy wasted searching for the right materials. No low-quality kits.


What Does Dosi Mean?

Dosi (doe-see) is derived from the Korean word 도시락 (doh-she-lak), which is a packed homemade Korean meal. Just as a 도시락 comes with everything you need to power through the day, Dosi's kits come with all the materials and the support you need to create and relax!


A Note From The Founder:

As a busy professional, I turned to crafting and DIY projects to disconnect from work and stimulate my creative side. It felt amazing to be creating things with my hands again, but I found it frustrating getting into new projects.

I tried learning through YouTube videos, but the designs I was interested in weren't beginner-friendly. Moreover, I found myself spending excessive time researching and acquiring the right materials. Undertaking a new project often felt like an overwhelming task, leaving me to question if it was worth the hassle.

I decided to purchase kits instead, but ran into different problems; the design options left much to be desired and the kits were filled with low-quality products with no instructions to be found.

I started dreaming up a DIY kit that would enable a seamless and amazing experience with premium materials, easy-to-follow instructions, and contemporary designs. Dosi was born.

By reimagining how you create, we hope to spark joy and inspire creativity.

We can't wait to create something amazing with you!



P.S. I am incredibly excited to announce that we'll be collaborating with talented AAPI artists to showcase their beautiful designs with our DIY kits in Spring 2023.